Can the Merit Commissioner order remediation if there is a determination that I have been wrongly dismissed?  

No. Any remediation you have a right to would be determined in appeal and litigation processes before our Office receives your file. The Merit Commissioner can recommend how to improve processes related to dismissals for just cause.  

How long will it take the Merit Commissioner to review the process leading to my dismissal?  

Our goal is to review eligible files quickly. We will report the results along with other files we review during a particular cycle. There may be instances where we do not get the file for a significant time after the actual dismissal for just cause. This could occur if there is a prolonged court action [...]

I don’t want the Merit Commissioner to look at my files. How can I prevent that?  

If you were dismissed for just cause under the Public Service Act, you do not have a choice about our Office considering your file. You do have our assurances that we will protect your privacy. We will not publish any identifying information in any public report.    The law requires that files for all persons dismissed for just cause under the Public Service Act are available for the Merit Commissioner to review.   

I was fired and want to know what the Merit Commissioner’s findings are about my case. How can I do that?  

We will not make any information related to the review of files available to the persons who were dismissed. The only information we report publicly will be based on all the reviews made, and will not include any personal identifiers.  

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