We review the entire hiring process and the qualifications of the person appointed. Starting from the posting, all the way through to the final notification (offer and regret letters).  

Specifically, we examine the overall approach as well as the five common stages of hiring which include: 

  • Short-listing  
  • Interviewing and testing  
  • Past work performance  
  • Years of continuous service  
  • Notification 

We evaluate the fairness of the hiring process for : 

  • Open and transparent process  
  • Objective and job-related assessments  
  • Reasonable decisions  
  • Fair and equitable treatment  

We also evaluate compliance with: 

  • Legislative and hiring policy requirements such as the requirement for a supervisory reference check before offering an appointment. 
  • Applicable provisions in the collective agreements such as ensuring unsuccessful employee candidates receive proper notification of the results so that they can access their right to a staffing review.