When do you draw your samples?

We draw each sample approximately 7-10 days after the sample period had ended. Where the BC Public Service Agency is involved in coordinating the collection of documentation, we send them a list of the relevant appointments. At this point they can also identify appointments that are out of scope.    For each sample, we send a [...]

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What happens when you think merit has not been applied in a hiring process?

After discussions with the hiring manager, we send a copy of the preliminary report to the deputy minister. The deputy minister or their staff, at that point, have the opportunity to provide more evidence about the hiring process that may impact the final result.:   We consider any addition information received   Amend the audit report where [...]

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Why are there so many audits being done in my ministry? 

If there are many audits being done in your ministry, it’s likely due to a combination of:  A higher-than-average number of appointments resulting in a greater opportunity for appointments from that organization to be selected. Each quarter, every appointment on our list has an equal chance of being selected as part of the sample for [...]

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Are the appointments selected for audit truly selected at random? 

Yes. On a quarterly basis, we get lists of all permanent and temporary appointments over seven months made in ministries and organizations. We combine these lists and apply a random number generator, which creates our sample. Every appointment on our list has an equal chance of being selected as part of the sample for audit. [...]

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What appointments are subject to audit? 

The Merit Commissioner can only audit positions where the Public Service Act applies.   On an annual basis, the Merit Commissioner conducts a merit performance audit that examines two types of appointments:  Permanent appointments  Temporary appointments over seven months Other types of appointments are subject to special audits by the Merit Commissioner. These include:   Direct appointments  [...]

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What are the results of an audit and what do they mean?

On whether the hiring process was properly applied, the possible findings are: Finding   What it means  Merit  The process was both properly designed and applied to result in an appointment based on merit.  Merit with exception  The process contained one or more errors in design or application: there was no identifiable negative impact on the [...]

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